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New publication: CULTURAL PRECARITY: MIGRANTS' POSITIONALITIES in the light of current anti-immigrant Populism in Europe

Magdalena Nowicka (2018): Cultural Precarity: Migrants' Positionalities in the Light of Current Anti-Immigrant Populism in Europe. In: Journal of Intercultural Studies 39 (5): 527–542.



Magdalena Nowicka is participating in the MEP-scientist pairing scheme which takes place in Brussels from 28–30 November 2017. The pairing scheme aims at enhancing mutual understanding and establishing a long-term, intensive cooperation between members of the European Parliament and researchers.


New publication: transnational solidarity, the refugees and open societies in europe

Magdalena Nowicka, Łukasz Krzyżowski and Dennis Ohm (2017): Transnational solidarity, the refugees and open societies in Europe. In: Current Sociology – online first.


Congratulations Lukasz!


Łukasz Krzyżowski received an award for outstanding researchers in the social sciences from "Polityka" (a weekly Polish newsmagazine). The award acknowledges his contributions to the TRANSFORmIG project. The jury appreciated his emipirical work on social distance toward "otherness" in transnational social spaces and social remittances, and his contribution to qualitative longitudinal methodologies.


UPCOMING EVENT: Migration and DIVersity

Magdalena Nowicka is taking part in a panel discussion on "Diversität, Migration, Komplexität – Die gesellschaftliche Verantwortung der Geisteswissenschaften in der globalisierten Welt" at the University of Regensburg on October 25th.


UPCOMING Event: TRANSFORmIG at ESA 2017 in Athens

Upcoming Event: COnviviality and Illiberalism

Lukasz Krzyzowski presents selected results from TRANSFORmIG at the 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association: "The transformative role of digital literacy and monetary flow on Polish migrants’ parents aging in place". The Presentation takes place at the PANTEION University of Social & Political Sciences on September 1st.

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Magdalena Nowicka is giving a lecture at a symposium at Malmö University on September 14th: "Troubled with-ness: on promises of conviviality research".

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New Publication: Tacit Differences, ethnicity and Neoliberalism

Upcoming Event: Free to be? Negotiating migrant motherhood in urban contexts

On June 9th, Agata Lisiak is giving a talk on "Free to be? Negotiating migrant motherhood in urban contexts" at the Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin.

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Agata Lisiak and Magdalena Nowicka (2017): Tacit differences, ethnicity and neoliberalism. Polish migrant mothers in German cities. In: Gender, Place & Culture: 1-17. 

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Visit: Mette Louise Berg

Upcoming Event: Families and Relationships across crises

On May 12th, Agata Lisiak is giving an input on "Migrant mothers in austere times" at Amnesty International, London.

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Mette Louise Berg (UCL) is visiting the project from May 15th until May 19th. On May 17th, she is giving a lecture with the title "Differences That Make a Difference: Producing and Governing Diversity in London" at the Institute for Social Sciences.

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Upcoming Event: Approaches to Gender in Migration and Border Studies


On May 4th, Agata Lisiak is taking part in a discussion at the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism, European Humanities University Vilnius.

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Agata Lisiak (2017): Migrant mothers in austere times: Finding love in a hopeless place? In: Discover Society.

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Upcoming Event: "A Vote against Me". Poles in Post-Brexit-Vote Britain

New Publication: Lokale Transkulturalität aus der sozialen Feldperspektive

Magdalena Nowicka is giving a lecture at the Centre of British Studies at Humboldt University of Berlin on May 2nd at 5 p.m. at Mohrenstr. 60.

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Serbedzija, Vojin (2017): Lokale Transkulturalität aus der sozialen Feldperspektive: Migrantische (Macht)Einflüsse und Mehrsprachigkeit in Berlin-Pankow. In: Alexander Tölle und Rainer Wehrhahn (Hrsg.), Translokalität und lokale Raumproduktionen in transnationaler Perspektive. Slubice/Berlin: Collegium Polonicum & Logos Verlag, S. 33-46.


New Publication: The social distance of Poles to other minorities

New Publication: "I don’t mean to sound racist but … " Transforming racism in transnational Europe

Magdalena Nowicka (2018): “I don’t mean to sound racist but … ” Transforming racism in transnational Europe. In: Ethnic and Racial Studies 41 (5): 824–841.

Magdalena Nowicka and Łukasz Krzyżowski (2016): The social distance of Poles to other minorities: a study of four cities in Germany and Britain. In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 43 (3): 359-378.


Workshop: Convivial tools for research and practice

New Publication: Migration and Social Remittances in a Global Europe


Nowicka, Magdalena; Šerbedžija, Vojin (eds.) (2016): Migration and Social Remittances in a Global Europe, Palgrave Macmillan.

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On 11 November 2016, Magdalena Nowicka and Mette Berg (University College London) are organising a workshop on convivial tools for research and practice at UCL. During the workshop, Magdalena will be presenting her paper "Towards a new epistemology? 'Convivial research' between normativity and analytical innovation". Agata Lisiak will be giving a talk on "Visualizing Urban Diversity in Focus Group Interviews".

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Blog Post: Creative Methods in Migration Research

Immigrant Mothers as Agents of Change

Agata Lisiak's research website is now included in Open University's free learning platform.

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Agata Lisiak's thoughts on the creative methods she uses in her research on migrant mothering in urban contexts have been published on The Open University's Methods in Motion blog.

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This project is financed by the European Research Council. Starting Grant No. 313369 awarded to Prof. Dr. Magdalena Nowicka.