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Bourdieu Transnational is a useful resource for anyone who is interested in applying Bourdieu's theory in a transnational context. It is a platform for exchange of information about existing work and planned events on applications of Pierre Bourdieu’s heritage in research on transnational processes, including migration, entrepreneurship, education, and social movements. The network is open to all disciplines, but we believe it is of particular interest to scholars working in sociology, educational research, social inequality studies, migration research, international politics, and economics. The short-term goal of the network is to create a space for researchers to share their work with each other (through links to articles, books, and other materials) and a list of scholars who apply Bourdieu’s theory in their research on cross-border phenomena.



The People section of this website introduces the members of Bourdieu Transnational, who are currently working with Bourdieu's notion in a transnational context or are about to start a project within this field. It presents the researchers with links to their websites and provides contact details and a brief overview about their research interests.



In this section you'll find a Bibliography of Works by Pierre Bourdieu - this list also contains reviews from members, discussing works by Bourdieu which are important for their own Bourdieusian approach. A Bibliography of Bourdieu in a Transnational Context and Literature on Bourdieu in a International Comparative Perspective.



The Publication section lists individual and selected or recent publications by our members and if possible, provides links to those publications.


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