Component 3

Conditions of acquisition and transfer of multicultural habitus


Component 3 investigates the configurational and representational conditions of acquisition and transfer of multicultral habitus. It looks at how multicultural habitus is mediated in discourse and popular culture, and thus how social transformation unfolds in space.

This component uses ethnographic methods to deepen the understanding of the community settings - material and visual - of which the migrants and their social networks are part. Thereby the challenge is to investigate contexts which are highly saturated by media. Since the 1990s, and especially during the peak year of 2006, hundreds of brief articles were published in Polish newspapers that allowed a peer insight into the life of new migrants in the UK. A few novels and a TV-soap opera followed which, though presenting fictive, reflected the actual migrant stories. They give a rich material to study how mediated narratives impact upon social imaginaries of non-migrants occupying a transnational social space. The introduction of a historical-sociological examination helps the overall project to move away from simple causality and to investigate how the studied processes of social transformation unfold.