Vojin SerbedZija (Former Colleague)


  • Urban Sociology
  • Migration and Identity Research
  • Qualitative Social Research

E-Mail: vojin.serbedzija@sowi.hu-berlin.de


Current Research

In his doctoral research Vojin Šerbedžija aims to localize and define social and spatial constellations which foster inter-cultural encounters according to patterns of conviviality. In the city of Berlin he analyses mundane practices of Polish migrants and the ways they negotiate difference, boundaries and identities in and around their area of dwelling. Vojin is particularly interested in the role that the neighbourhood plays for these social processes. Theoretically, he approaches the matter with the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu, by using his notion of field and linking it to the neighbourhood as unit of analysis. The circumstance that Berliner Poles are quite spread throughout the city, inhabiting socially better and weaker, ethnically more and less diversified areas, stimulates the comparative investigations of possible spatial effects on everyday life practices for this specific group. Hence, Vojin conducts ethnographic fieldwork in selected and somewhat contrastive neighbourhoods. With a translocal analysis of the power relations of and within the neighbourhood field as well as the dweller habitus, he seeks to develop the notion of “convivial fields”, in order to add to a better understanding of the conditions required for a successful coping with the emerged (super-)diversity in urban settings.


Academic Profile

Vojin Šerbedžija studied Social Sciences in Berlin and European Studies in London. He obtained his Master of Arts degree from the Humboldt-University (2013). Since 2009 he works for the book review section of the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. As student assistant at Humboldt’s Department of Urban Sociology he organized the HU-CUNY summer school in 2010.

His academic field of interest includes urban sociology, migration studies, nationalism, European social integration and the sociology of football. In his research projects so far he focused on issues such as ethnicizing of social problems in cities, gentrification, nationalism in post-socialist societies and processes of (collective) identity construction in local, ethnic, (trans)national and European contexts.

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