Dr. Lukasz KrzyZowski (Postdoctoral Fellow)


  • Social Network Analysis
  • Sociology of Migration, Ageing and Life Course
  • Mixed Methods Research and Qualitative Data Analysis


E-Mail: lukasz.krzyzowski@hu-berlin.de



As a member of the TRANSFORmIG team, Łukasz Krzyżowski deals with social network analysis (SNA), methodologies of researching social remittances through the life course, and social distance in transnational social spaces. SNA allows recognition of structural characteristics, the composition of a migrants’ network that might influence the scope and content of social remittances. The analytical use of a social network approach helps to specify how networks influence the practices and attitudes of people involved in networks, such as the transnational networks of Polish migrants in four cities: Berlin, Munich, London and Birmingham. With expertise in life course methodology and ageing, Łukasz is investigating changes in the composition of migrants’ networks (with a special focus on the homogeneity of networks) and its influence on mechanisms of transmission of social remittances. He is especially interested in transfers of socio-cultural practices related to the notion of ‘active ageing’ in transnational social spaces. Activity among the elderly is perceived by Polish migrants as one of the most differentiating attitudes which distinguish Polish society from British and German societies. Łukasz investigates transfers of practices that constitute the notion of ‘active ageing’ in transnational social networks and reactions to them among non-migrant members of the networks. Łukasz is also interested in transfer of attitudes toward “otherness”, which he researches using the classical version of the Bogarduss social distance scale.



Łukasz Krzyżowski holds a doctoral degree in Sociology from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (2012) and an MA in Sociology from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow (2007). He is a member of the Research Training Group of the “From Heterogeneities to Social Inequalities” Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) at Bielefeld University. Łukasz was team leader of the “Transnational Caregiving and Intergenerational Relations in Migrant Cultures” project financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Ministry of Science as well as Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland. Since 2013 he has held the position of Assistant Professor at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. He is a member of the editorial team of the “Contributions to Humanities” journal.

Łukasz's expertise is in qualitative methods of research, in particular multi-sited ethnography and mixed methods research and he lectures qualitative and qualitative methods of research at AGH.

Łukasz's interests are in transmigration and old age and elderly care and care provision and intergenerational solidarity under Polish systemic culture-bound conditions. He is the author of ‘Polscy migranci zarobkowi i ich starzy rodzice. Transnarodowy system opieki międzygeneracyjnej’ [Polish Labour Migrants and Their Elderly Parents. A Transnational System of Intergenerational Care] as well as articles and book chapters on transmigration and aging.

He is a member of the Polish Sociological Association (since 2007), European Sociological Association (since 2009) and International Sociological Association (since 2010).