Longitudinal Panel


Qualitative Longitudinal Panel in Migration and Social Network Research

22-23 May 2014, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


Aims of the workshop

Qualitative Longitudinal Studies (QPS) is used to reveal ‘life in the making’ on the intersection of past, presence and future but also of various disciplines. Therefore the main aim of the workshop is to create a bridge between longitudinal research methodologies, migration studies and social network analysis. The method has opened new avenues in migration context where individuals may change their behaviours, adapt to new circumstances or transfer new practices between sending and receiving locations, usually via social networks. These processes and mechanisms need to be better addressed, understood and evaluated. The workshop day is designed to provide scholars from various fields, not necessarily connected earlier to each other, with the opportunity to exchange knowledge, research experience and expertise.

Topics to be addressed:

  • What counts as QPS?
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives in QPS
  • Methodological and practical issues/ strategies of generating and managing data obtained in QPS
  • Analysing data generated in QPS
  • QPS in researching social practices in migration context
  • QPS in researching social networks in dynamically changing social contexts, especially migration context