• Flucht, ein altes Thema für Europa. Magdalena Nowicka, Philipp Ther, Barbara John and Nicol Ljubić talked about migration to Europe and its history. Inforadio rbb, 10 October 2017.


  • Nie taki Ordnung, czyli babcia na księżycu. Radio interview with Łukasz Krzyżowski. Funkhaus Europa, 11 November 2015.

  • Polska migracja w Niemczech. Radio interview with Magdalena Nowicka about the recent report on migration issued by the German Government and the heterogeneity of Polish migration to Germany. Funkhaus Europa, 29 January 2015.

  • Migration verändert! Zugewanderte Mütter als Akteurinnen des Wandels. Radio interview with Agata Lisiak (listen to the podcast). Radio Orange Vienna, 27 May 2014.

  • Radio journalist Adam Gusowski asked Magdalena Nowicka about TRANSFORmIG's aims, research tools and the anticipated results of the project. Funkhaus Europa, 9 January 2014.