TRANSFORmIG applies a number of research instruments which build one on another. Their complementary character enables the team to look at the phenomena of migration and transnational transfer of multicultural habitus from various perspectives.


Qualitative Longitudinal Study

We conduct individual interviews with Polish migrants who live in London, Birmingham, Berlin and Munich. The interviews are semi-structured and include close and open questions as well as a network card which helps to identify individual social networks. Selected members of interviewees social network in Poland will be invited to a similar interview in Poland. The interviews will be repeated three times in intervals of ca. 10 months. The aim of the Qualitative Longitudinal Study is to capture individual pathways in the receiving society and to explore how personal experience and encounters in multicultural context develop over time. We are interested in the change of communication across transnational spaces between migrants and their families and friends and how migration and experience of diversity may impact upon the migrant and non-migrant members of a transnational social network. The QLS has started in January 2014 with the launch of an online recruitment questionnaire addressed to Poles in the four research locations. The first wave of individual interviews is scheduled for March/April and May 2014.


Narrative Interviews

Narrative individual interviews help us to deepen our knowledge and understanding of processes, conditions and mechanisms involved in situations of encounters between migrants and others in their places of residence,  between migrants and the non-migrant members of their social network in Poland, and of perceptions of impacts of migration by non-migrant research participants in Poland. We conduct narrative interviews with selected participants from the QLS once we analysed the collected material. Interviews will encompass individual life stories and their environments in which these stories appear.


Focus Groups Interviews

We use focus groups interviews to understand how people interpret their life world. We investigate the social representations around socio-cultural diversity and migration. Several such groups are planed to be organized around different principles to maximize our understanding of the meaning people attribute and negotiate in social encounters with members of other and their own groups.


Ethnographic Studies

With the help of different ethnographic techniques the team of TRANSFORmIG will explore how context impacts on social encounters and transfer of newly acquired habitus across social spaces and between people. Aside from written observations and records from the selected research sites, we intend to collect visual material and consider local, national and transnational discourses which impact on how people experience diversity.