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Recently published:

Nowicka, Magdalena (2015). Habitus – its transformation and transfer through cultural encounters in migration. In: Cristina Costa and Mark Murphy (eds.). Bourdieu, Habitus and Social Research. The Art of Application. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 93-110

Recommended reading

Carling, Jørgen (2014). Scripting Remittances: Making Sense of Money Transfers inTransnational Relationships. International Migration Review 48 (s1), S218-S262.

Rebecca Adler-Nissen


- (2014). Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Edited books and special issues of journals

- (2015). Making Europe: The Sociology of Knowledge Meets European Integration. Journal of European Integration, 37 (5) (editorial with Kristoffer Kropp).

- (2014). Postimperial Sovereignty Games in Norden. Cooperation & Conflict, 49 (1) (editorial with Ulrik Pram Gad).

- (2012). Bourdieu in International Relations: Rethinking Key Concepts in IRAbingdon: Routledge.

-  (2012). European Integration and Postcolonial Sovereignty Games: The EU Overseas Countries and Territories. London : Routledge (with Ulrik Pram Gad).

Book Chapters

(2014). Justice and home affairs: Denmark as an active differential European. In: Lee Miles & Anders Wivel (eds.). Denmark and the European Union. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, p. 65-79 (Europe and the Nation State; No. 16).

- (2013). European Diplomats: State nobility and the Invention of a New Social Group. In: Niilo Kauppi & Mikael Rask Madsen (eds.). Transnational Power Elites: The New Professionals of Governance, Law and Security. Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, p. 65-80.

Journal articles

- (2014). Introduction Postimperial sovereignty games in the Nordic region. Cooperation and Conflict, 49 (1): 3-32 (with Ulrik Pram Gad).

- (2014). Power in Practice: Negotiating the International Intervention in Libya. European Journal of International Relations, 20 (4): 889-911 (with Vincent Pouliot).

- (2014). Stigma Management in International Relations: Transgressive Identities, Norms and Order in International Society. International Organization, 68 (1): 143-176.

- (2014). Symbolic Power in European Diplomacy: The Struggle Between National Foreign Services and the EU's External Action ServiceReview of International Studies, 40 (4): 657.

- (2014). The Faroe Islands: Independence dreams, globalist separatism and the Europeanization of postcolonial home ruleCooperation and Conflict, 49 (1): 55-79.

- (2011). On a Field Trip with Bourdieu. International Political Sociology, 5 (3): 327–330.

Harald Bauder


- (2006). Labor Movement: How Migration Regulates Labor Markets. Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters

- (2011). The Regulation of Labor Markets Through Migration. In: Nicola Phillips (ed.). Migration in the Global Political Economy. International Political Economy Yearbook Series, Vol. 17. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, p. 41–60.

Journal Articles

- (2015). The International Mobility of Academics: A Labour Market PerspectiveInternational Migration, 53 (1): 83–96.

- (2014). Critical Engagement in Professional Reproduction. Geojournal, special issue: Rethinking the Ph.D. in Geography (invited contribution). Available as prepublication.

- (2014). Immigrant Workers in the Immigrant Service Sector: Segmentation and Career Mobility in Canada and GermanyJournal of Transnational Social Review: A Social Work Journal, 4 (2-3): 176-192 (with S. Jayaraman).

- (2012). “We are Chameleons”: Identity Capital in a Multicultural WorkplaceSocial Identities, 18(3): 281–297 (with Mabel Ho).

- (2008). Citizenship as Capital: The Distinction of Migrant LabourAlternatives: Global, Local, Political, 33: 315–333.

- (2007). The Making of an “Arcane” Infrastructure: Professional Engineering Regulation in Canada, 1867–1937. The Canadian Geographer, 51(2): 233–246 (with E. Girard).

- (2007). Assimilation and Exclusion of Foreign Trained Engineers in Canada: Inside a Canadian Professional Regulatory Organization. Antipode, 39(1): 35–53 (with E. Girard).

- (2006). Learning to Become a Geographer: Reproduction and Transformation in Academia. Antipode, 38(4): 671–679.

- (2006). Origin, Employment Status and Attitudes towards Work: Immigrants in Vancouver. Work, Employment and Society, 20(4): 709–729.

- (2005). Institutional Capital and Labour Devaluation: The Non-recognition of Foreign Credentials in Germany. INTERVENTION: Journal of Economics, 2(1): 75–93.

- (2005). Habitus, Rules of the Labour Market and Employment Strategies of Immigrants in Vancouver, Canada. Social and Cultural Geography, 6(1): 81–97.
- (2003). “Brain Abuse,” or the Devaluation of Immigrant Labour in Canada. Antipode, 35(4): 699–717.

Stina Bengtsson

Book Chapters

- (2013). The producer as vendor: Producing public space in a virtual world. In: Tobias Olsson (ed.). Producing the internet: Critical perspectives of social media. Göteborg: Nordicom, p. 165-184.

- (2012). Virtual Technologies of the Nation-State: State Administration in Second Life. In: Göran Bolin (ed.). Cultural Technologies: The Shaping of Culture in Media and Society. London: Routledge, p. 170-188

Journal Articles

- (2014). Faraway, so close!: Proximity and distance in ethnography onlineMedia Culture and Society, 36 (6): 862-877.

Michaela Benson


- (2015). The middle classes and the city: a study of Paris and London. Houdsmill, Basingstoke: Palgrave (contributions by M-H. Bacque, G. Bridge, M. Benson, T. Butler, E. Charmes, Y. Fijalkow, E. Jackson, L. Launay and Lydie S. Vermeesch).

- (2011). The British in Rural France: Lifestyle Migration and the Ongoing Quest for a Better Way of Life. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Edited books

- (2014). Understanding lifestyle migration: theoretical approaches to migration and the quest for a better way of life. Houdsmill, Basingstoke: Palgrave (with Nicholas Osbaldiston)

Journal Articles

- (2015). School Choice in London and Paris: A Comparison of Middle-class StrategiesSocial Policy and Administration, 49(1): 24-43 (Gary Bridge  and Deborah Wilson).

- (2014). Neither "Deepest, Darkest Peckham" nor "Run-of-the-Mill" East Dulwich: The Middle Classes and their "Others" in an Inner-London NeighbourhoodInternational Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 38(4): 1195-1210 (with Emma Jackson).

- (2013). Place-making and Place Maintenance: Practices of Place and Belonging among the Middle Classes. Sociology, 47(4): 793-809 (with Emma Jackson).

- (2013). Living the "Real" Dream in La France Profonde: Lifestyle Migration, Social Distinction, and the Authenticities of Everyday Life. Anthropological Quarterly, 86(2): 501-525.

- (2013). Postcoloniality and Privilege in New Lifestyle Flows: The Case of North Americans in Panama. Mobilities, 8(3): 313-330.

Janine Dahinden

Book Chapters

- (2014). "Wer gehört dazu?" - Grenzziehungsprozesse mittels "Kultur" im Kontext vonMigration in der Schweiz. In: Thomas Hengartner & Anna Schindler (eds.). Wachstumsschmerzen. Gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen der Stadtentwicklung und ihre Bedeutung für Zürich. Zürich: Seismo, p. 49-63.

- (2014). "Kultur" als Form symbolischer Gewalt: Grenzziehungen im Kontext von Migration am Beispiel der Schweiz. In: Boris Nieswand & Heike Drotbohm (eds.). Kultur, Gesellschaft, Migration: Die reflexive Wende in der Migrationsforschung. Wiesbaden: VS/Springer, p. 97-122.

- (2012). Von den "transnationalen Migrationsstudien" hin zu einer Transnationalisierung der Sozialtheorie: Plädoyer für einen integrativen Ansatz. In: Barbara Pusch (ed.). Transnationale Migration am Beispiel Deutschland und Türkei. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, p. 83-102.

- (2012). Aktuelle Bedeutungsverschiebungen im "Kulturdiskurs": Ethnische und religiöse Grenzziehungen im Kontext von Transnationalisierung und Migration. In: Judith Hangartner et al. (eds.). Alltag und Ritual: Statusübergänge und Ritualisierungen in sozialen und politischen Feldern. Festschrift zu Ehren von Hans-Rudolf Wicker. Zürich: Seismo, p. 134-146.

- (2012). Transnational Belonging, Non-ethnic Forms of Identification and Diverse Mobilities: Rethinking Migrant Integration?. In: Michi Messer, Renée Schroeder & Ruth Wodak (eds.). Migration: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Wien: Springer, p. 117-128

Journal Articles

- (2014). Disentangling Religious, Ethnic and Gendered Contents in Boundary Work: How Young Adults Create the Figure of "The Oppressed Muslim Woman". Journal of Intercultural Studies, 35 (4): 329-348 (with Kerstin Duemmler and Joëlle Moret).

- (2014). Switzerland. In John Stone et al. (eds.). The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell.

- (2013). Albanian-Speaking Migration, mid-19th Century to Present. In: Immanuel Ness (ed.). The Encylopedia of Global Human Migration. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell.

- (2013). Religion in meaning making and boundary work: Theoretical explorationsIntegrative behavioral and psychological science, 47 (2): 185-206 (with Tania Zittoun).

- (2013). German Muslims and the “Integration Debate”: Negotiating Identities in the Face of DiscriminationIntegrative behavioral and psychological science, 47 (2): 231-248 (with Holtz Peter, and Wolfgang Wagner).

- (2013). Cities, Migrant Incorporation, and Ethnicity: A Network Perspective on Boundary WorkJournal of International Migration and Integration, 14 (1): 39-60.

Israel Drori


- (2013). The Evolution of a New Industry: A Genealogical Approach. Stanford: Stanford University Press (with Shmuel Ellis and Zur Shapira).

Edited books

- (2014). Handbook of Organizational Ingenuity. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishers (with Benson Honig and Joseph Lampel).

- (2010). Transnational and Immigrant Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (with Benson Honig and Barbara Carmichael).

Journal Articles

- (2009). Transnational Entrepreneurship: An Emergent Field of Study. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 33 (5): 1001-1022 (with Benson Honig and Mike Wright).

Amanda Elam


- (2008). Gender and Entrepreneurship: A Multilevel Theory and Analysis. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Journal Articles

- (2013). Bank–Firm Relationships: Do Perceptions Vary by Gender? Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 37 (4): 837-858 (with Patrick Saparito and Candida Brush).

- (2010). Gendered Institutions and Cross-National Patterns of Business Creation for Men and WomenEuropean Journal of Development Research, 22: 331–348 (with Siri Terjesen).

- (2009). Transnational Entrepreneurs' Venture Internationalization Strategies: A Practice Theory ApproachEntrepreneurship: Theory and Practice 33(5): 1093 – 1120 (with Siri Terjesen).

Umut Erel


- (2009). Migrant Women Transforming Citizenship: Life-stories From Britain and Germany. Aldershot: Ashgate.

Book Chapters

- (2013). "Troubling" or "ordinary"? Children's views on migration and intergenerational ethnic identities. In: Jane Ribbens McCarthy, Carol-Ann Hooper & Val Gillies (eds.). Family Troubles? Exploring Changes and Challenges in the Family Lives of Children and Young People. Bristol: The Policy Press, p. 199–208.

Journal Articles

- (2013). Kurdish migrant mothers in London enacting citizenship. Citizenship Studies, 17(8): 970–984.

Benson Honig

Edited books

- (2010). Transnational and Immigrant Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (with Israel Drori and Barbara Carmichael).

Book Chapters

- (2015). Salesman or Scholars?: A Critical Examination of Research Scholarship in the Field of Entrepreneurship. In: Ted Baker & Friederike Welter. The Routledge Companion to Entrepreneurship. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Journal Articles

- (2013). Social Capital and Entrepreneurship: A Schema and Research AgendaEntrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 37 (3): 455- 478 (with E. Gedajlovic, C. Moore, G. Payne and M. Wright).

- (2013). A Process Model of Internal and External Legitimacy. Organization Studies 34: 345-376 (with Israel Drori).

Philip Kelly


- (2013). Economic Geography: A Contemporary Introduction. Second Edition. New Jersey: Wiley (with Neil Coe and Henry W.C. Yeung).

Edited Books

- (2013). Migration, Agrarian Transition and Rural Change in Southeast Asia. London and New York: Routledge.

Book Chapters

- (2012). Labor, Movement: Migration, Mobility and Geographies of Work. In: T.Barnes, J.Peck & E.Sheppard (eds.). The New Companion to Economic Geography. Oxford: Blackwell.

- (2010). Filipino Migration and the Spatialities of Labour Market Subordination. In: S. McGrath-Champ, A. Herod & A.Rainnie (eds.). Handbook of Employment and Society: Working Space. London: Edward Elgar, p. 159-176.

Journal Articles

- (2013). Production Networks, Place and Development: Thinking through Global Production Networks in Cavite, Philippines. Geoforum, 44: 82-92.

- (2012). Migration, Transnationalism and the Spaces of Class Identity. Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints, 60 (2): 153–86.

Published studies

- (2014) Understanding Intergenerational Social Mobility: Filipino Youth in Canada. IRPP Study 45. Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Joëlle Moret

Book Chapters

- (2014). Transnationalité et insertion locale, des ancrages incompatibles? L’exemple des migrant·e·s d’origine somalienne en Suisse. In: Myriam Eser Davolio et al. (eds.). Actes du Deuxième Congrès International "La lutte contre la pauvreté et l'exclusion - le travail social en temps de crise”. Genève: IES.

Journale Articles

- (2015). Cross-border mobility, transnationality and ethnicity as resources: european Somalis’ post-migration mobility practicesJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

- (2014). Disentangling religous, ethnic and gendered contents in boundary work: How young adults create the figure of the "oppressed Muslim women". Journal of Intercultural Studies, 35 (4): 329-348 (with Janine Dahinden and Kerstin Duemmler)

Gregory Noble

Edited books

- (2015). Cultural Pedagogies and Human Conduct. London: Routledge (with Megan Watkins and Catherine Driscoll).


- (2013). Disposed to learn: schooling, ethnicity and the scholarly habitus. London & New York: Bloomsbury Academic (with Megan Watkins).

- (2010). On being Lebanese in Australia: identity, racism and the ethnic field. Institute for Migration Studies & Lebanese American University Press: Beirut (with Paul Tabar and Scott Poynting).

Book Chapters

- (2014). The "schooled identities" of Australian multiculturalism: professional vision, reflexive civility and education for a culturally complex world. In: R. Race & V. Lander (eds.). Advancing race and ethnicity in education. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 162-177 (with Megan Watkins).   

- (2012). Where's the moral in moral panic? Islam, evil and moral turbulence. In: G. Morgan & S. Poynting (eds.). Global Islamophobia: Muslims and moral panic in the West. Aldershot: Ashgate, p. 215-231.

Journal Articles

- (2013). Cosmopolitan habits: the capacities and habitats of intercultural conviviality. Body and Society, 19 (2&3): 162-185.

- (2013). It is home but it is not home: habitus, field and the migrant. Journal of Sociology, 49 (2&3): 341-356.

- (2013): Antipodean fields: working with Bourdieu: Journal of Sociology, 49 (2&3): 129-150 (with T. Bennett, J. Frow & G. Hage).

- (2013). Habit and habituation: governance and the social. Body & Society,19 (2&3): 3-29.

Magdalena Nowicka


- (forthcoming 2016). Conviviality. De Gruyter Open (with Tilmann Heil).

- (2006). Transnational Professionals and their Cosmopolitan Universes. Frankfurt/Main and New York: Campus Verlag.

Edited volumes

- (2015). Thematic Issue: Researcher, Migrant, Woman: Methodological Implications of multiple Positionalities in Migration StudiesForum: Qualitative Social Research, 16 (2) (with Louise Ryan).

- (2014). Special Issue: Convivialities. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 17 (4) (with Steven Vertovec).

- (2014). Symposium: Researching Migrants as Migrant ResearcherMigration Studies, 2 (1) (with Anna Cieslik).

- (2011). The Ashgate Research Companion to Cosmopolitanism. Farnham: Ashgate (with Maria Rovisco).

Book Chapters

- (2015). Habitus – its transformation and transfer through cultural encounters in migration. In: C. Costa & M. Murphy, M. (eds.). The Art of Application: Bourdieu, Habitus and Social Research. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 93-110.

- (2014). Fremdwissen. Lokale und translokale Verortung von Wissen über Andere im Kontext der Migration. In: Désirée Bender et al. (eds.): Orte transnationaler Wissensproduktionen. Sozial- und kulturwissenschaftliche Schnittmengen. Weinheim und Basel: Beltz Juventa, p. 92-112.

- (2014). Erfolgsnarrationen polnischer Migrantinnen und Migranten in Großbritannien oder: Wie Scheitern unsichtbar wird. In: René John & Antonia Langhof (eds.): Scheitern - Ein Desiderat der Moderne? Wiesbaden: Springer VS, p. 143-166.

- (2014). Cosmopolitanism. In: J. Krieger (ed.). The Oxford Companion to International Relations. Volume 1. Oxford: University Press, p. 190-195.

Journal Articles

- (2015). Beyond Insiders and Outsiders in Migration Research: Rejecting A Priori CommonalitiesForum: Qualitative Social Research 16 (2) (with Louise Ryan).

- (2015). Bourdieu's theory of practice in the study of cultural encounters and transnational transfers in migrationMMG Working Paper 15-01, 2015.

- (2014). Successful earners and failing others. Transnational orientation as biographical resource in the context of labor migration. International Migration 52 (1): 74-86.

- (2014). Beyond methodological nationalism in insider research with migrants. Migration Studies, 2 (1): 1-15 (with Anna Cieslik).

- (2014). Migrating skills, skilled migrants and migration skills: The influence of contexts on the validation of migrants’ skills. Migration Letters, 11 (2): 171-186.

- (2014): Comparing convivialities: Dreams and realities of living-with-difference. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 17 (4): 341-356 (with Steven Vertovec).

Magnus Öhlander

- (2012). Att uppfatta rasism i Sverige: Om glassreklam och normstrider. In: Tobias Hübinette, Helena Hörnfeldt, Fataneh Farahani & René León Rosales (eds.). Om ras och vithet i det samtida Sverige. Tumba: Mångkulturellt centrum, p. 85-108 (with Oscar Pripp).


- (2012). A troubled elite? Stories about migration and establishing professionalism as a Polish doctor in Sweden. COMCAD Arbeitspapiere - Working Papers, 110. Bielefeld: COMCAD - Center on Migration, Citizenship and Development (with Katarzyna Wolanik BoströmGeneral Editor: Thomas Faist).

Caroline Plüss

- (2012). Living Intersections: Transnational Migrant Identifications in Asia. Dordrecht, NL: Springer (edited with Chan Kwok-bun).

Book Chapters

 - (2012). Chinese-Singaporean repeat migrant women in Singapore: Inequalities and performing transnational positionalities. In: Caroline Plüss and Chan Kwok-bun (eds.). Living Intersections: Transnational Migrant Identifications in Asia. Dordrecht, NL: Springer, p. 125-147.

- (2009a). Trans-national biographies and Trans-national habiti: The case of Chinese Singaporeans in Hong Kong. In: Derek Heng and Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljuned, (eds). Reframing Singapore: Memory, Identity and Trans-Regionalism (Selected Papers from the 5th International Convention of Asian Scholars). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University and ICAS Press, p. 195-210 (reworked version of 9).

- (2009b). Chinese Singaporeans in Hong Kong: Transnational habiti and cultural capital. In: Leo  Suryadinata and Guan Kin Lee (eds). Chinese Migrants: Their Adaptation and Development. Singapore: CCLC (NTU) and Chinese Heritage Centre, p. 133-51.    

- (2005a). Migrants from India and their relations with British and Chinese residents. In Cindy Yik Yi Chu (ed.). Foreign Communities in Hong Kong: From the Late Nineteenth Century to the 1960s. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 225-48.

- (2005b). Globalizing ethnicity with multi-local identifications: The Parsee, Indian, Muslim and Sephardic trade diasporas in Hong Kong. In Baghdiantz McCabe, Gelina Harlaftis and Ionna Peplasis Minoglou (eds). Diaspora Entrepreneurial Networks: Four Centuries of History. Oxford: Berg Publisher, p. 245-68.

Journal Articles

- (2013a). Chinese migrants in New York: Explaining inequalities with transnational positions and capital conversions in transnational spaces. International Sociology, 28(1): 12-28.

- (2013b). Migrants’ social positioning and inequalities: The intersections of capital, locations and aspirations. International Sociology, 28(1): 4-11.

- (2011). Baghdadi Jews in Hong Kong: Converting cultural, social and economic capital among three transregional networks. Global Networks: A Journal of Transnational Affairs, 11(1): 82-96.

- (2006). Becoming different while becoming the same: Re-territorializing Islamic identities with multi-ethnic practices in Hong Kong. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 29(4): 656-75.

- (2005). Constructing globalised ethnicity: Migrants from India in Hong Kong. International Sociology, 20(2): 203-26.

Maja Povrzanović Frykman

Edited books and special issues of journals

- (2015, forthcoming): Sensitive Objects. Lund: Nordic Academic Press (with Jonas Frykman).

- (2013): Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 13 (2). Special Issue "Migration, transnationalism and development in South-East Europe and the Black Sea region" (with Russell King and Julie Vullnetari (eds.)).

Book Chapters

- (2015, forthcoming). Affects in Narrative Accounts of Humanitarian Aid in Sarajevo under Siege (preliminary title). In: Jonas Frykman & Maja Povrzanović Frykman (eds.). Sensitive Objects. Lund: Nordic Academic Press.

- (2012): An Anthropology of War and Recovery: Lived War Experiences. In : U. Kockel, M. Nic Craith & J. Frykman (eds.). A Companion to the Anthropology of Europe. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, p. 253-274.

Journal Articles

- (2013). Migration, transnationalism and development on the Southeastern flank of Europe. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 13 (2): 125-140 (with Russell King and Julie Vullnetari).

- (2013). Making Palpable Connections : Objects in Migrants’ Transnational Lives. Ethnologia Scandinavica, 43: 47-67 (with Michael Humbracht).

- (2012). Struggle for Recognition: Bosnian Refugees’ Employment Experiences in Sweden. Refugee Survey Quarterly, 31 (1):  54-79.

Maarja Saar

Journal Article

- (2009). The Dimensions of Place Meanings. Living Reviews in Landscape Research, 3 (with Hannes Palang).

Andreas Schmitz


- (2015 in preparation): The Structure of Mate Choice- Theory, Methodology, and Empirical Evidence from the Digital Partner Market.

Book Chapters

- (2014): The Empirical Construction of Bourdieu’s Social Space. In: Michael Greenacre & Jörg Blasius (eds.): The Visualization and Verbalization of Data. London: Chapman & Hall, p. 205-222 (with Jörg Blasius).

- (2013): Sozialraum- und Habituskonstruktion. Die Korrespondenzanalyse in Pierre Bourdieus Forschungsprogramm. In: Alexander Lenger, Christian Schneickert & Florian Schumacher (eds.): Pierre Bourdieus Konzeption des Habitus: Grundlagen, Zugänge, Forschungsperspektiven. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, p. 201-218 (with Jörg Blasius).

Journal Articles

- (forthcoming 2015). Pluralizing field analysis: Toward a relational understanding of the field of power. Social Science Information/Information sur les sciences sociales (with Daniel Witte & Vincent Gengnagel).

- (2015). Das globale Feld der Macht als „Tertium Comparationis" (The global field of power as „Tertium Comparationis“). Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 40 (3): 247-263 (with Heiko Heiberger & Jörg Blasius).

- (forthcoming 2015). Modelling the Social Dynamics of Infection and Rejection. Methodological Innovations (with Jan Riebling).

Siri Terjesen

Journal Articles

- (2014, forthcoming). Legislating a Woman’s Seat on the Board: Institutional Factors Driving Gender Quotas for Boards of Directors. Journal of Business Ethics, (with Ruth V. Aguilera and Ruth Lorenz).

- (2014, forthcoming). Multiple Legitimacy Narratives and Planned Organizational Change. Human Relations: 1-25 (with Dana Landau and Israel Drori).

- (2013). Comparative International Entrepreneurship Research: A Review and Research Agenda,” Journal of Management, (with Jolanda Hessels and Dan Li).

- (2013). Role of Operational Performance in Enhancing New Venture Survival: A Longitudinal Study. Production & Operations Management, 22(6): 1401-1415 (with Mohan V. Tatikonda, Pankaj C. Patel and Vinit Parida)

- (2013). Cannot Make Do Without You: Outsourcing by Knowledge-Intensive Start-Ups. Industrial Marketing Management, 42(2): 166-179 (with Ajay Bhalla).

- (2013). Born Local: Toward a Theory of New Venture’s Choice of Internationalization. Small Business Economics, 41(3): 521-535 (with Zoltan J. Acs).

- (2009). Transnational Entrepreneurs’ Venture Internationalization Strategies: A Practice Theory Approach. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 33 (5) 1093-1120 (with Amanda Elam).

Amanda Wise

Edited Books

- (2009). Everyday Multiculturalism. Houndsmills, England: Palgrave Macmillan (with Selvaraj Velayutham).

Book Chapters

- (forthcoming). Dancing with Ga(y)nesh: Rethinking cultural appropriation in multicultural Australia. In: Carole Cusack & Jason Prior (eds.). Religion, Sexuality and Spirituality. London: Routledge (with Selvaraj Velayutham)

- (forthcoming, 2015). Mobilising Sentiment for Multiplicity: In Helen F. Wilson H & Jonathan Darling (eds.). Encountering the City: Urban Encounters From Accra To New York. London: Ashgate.

- (2014). Everyday Multiculturalism. In: B. Anderson & M. Keith (eds.). COMPAS Anthology of Migration. Oxford, UK: Oxford University.

- (2012). Sensuous Multiculturalism: Emotional Landscapes of Inter-Ethnic Living in Australian Suburbia. In: Maruška Svašek (ed.). Emotions and Human Mobility: Ethnographies of Movement. London: Routledge.

- (2012). Moral Economies of a Translocal Village: Obligation and Shame among South Indian Transnational Migrants. In: Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, Michiel Baas & Thomas Faist (eds.). Indian Diaspora and Transnationalism. New Dehli: Rawat (with Selvaraj Velayutham).

Journal Articles

- (2014). Convivialities in Everyday Multiculturalism: Some brief Comparisons between Singapore and Sydney. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 17 (4): 406-430 (with Selvaraj Velayutham).

- (2013). Pyramid subcontracting and moral detachment: Down-sourcing risk and responsibility in the management of transnational labour in Asia. The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 24(3), 433-455.

- (2013). Hope in a Land of strangers.  Identities, 20 (1), 37-45.

Daniel Witte


- (2014). Auf den Spuren der Klassiker. Pierre Bourdieus Feldtheorie und die Gründerväter der Soziologie. Konstanz/München: UVK.

Book Chapters

- (forthcoming). „Die Deutung von der Macht her denken“ – Zwei konkurrierende Konzepte von ‚pouvoir symbo­lique‘, oder: Bourdieu und die Hermeneutik. In: Philipp Stoellger & Martina Kumlehn (eds.). Wortmacht – Machtwort. Wer hat das Sagen in Sachen Religion? Deutungsmachtkonflikte in und um Religion. Würzburg: Königs­hausen & Neumann.