Urszula Wozniak (Former Colleague)


  • Urban Anthropology
  • Migration and Transnational Studies
  • Ethnographic Methodology

E-Mail: u.wozniak@hu-berlin.de


Current Research

In her doctoral research, Urszula Woźniak scrutinizes the complexity of the social dynamics currently at play in the two historical Istanbul neighbourhoods Tophane and Kurtuluş, as they yield new constellations of “super diversity”. Urszula’s ethnographic study explores the very practices, categories and displays of un/doing differences in the new arrangements of living together at the intersection of gender, class, religion, ethnicity and lifestyle. With her in-depth research of the two neighborhoods her analysis spans various forms and degrees of interaction and the negotiation of norms and values that these entail. Over the past decade, both neighborhoods have undergone dramatic changes in their socio-cultural configurations in the light of the transformations of urban space in Istanbul. By taking into account narratives and practices of both “old” and “new” cosmopolitanisms Urszula will shed a light on the historical and contemporary gaps between (Neo-) Ottoman discourses of tolerance and multiculturalism and everyday practices of conviviality.


Academic Profile

Urszula Woźniak has studied European Ethnology, Art History and Political Science in Marburg, Copenhagen and Berlin and obtained her MA degree from the Humboldt-University of Berlin (2011). In addition to her work as a researcher, Woźniak has worked as a curator and coordinator for exhibitions, theatre plays and conferences in both Berlin and Istanbul. Her research interests include urban studies, migration and transnational studies, cultural policy, sociology of space, visual culture as well as contemporary Turkish studies.

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